Farming Areas - Working as an Employee vs Owning with REGAL

The Traditional Way

You join an agency and you are given a farming area.  The principal tells you to develop that area for your financial benefit as well as the real estate agency’s.

Some of you succeed, some fail particularly if it is not a strong area and there are many reasons for both.  I will cover this in other blogs, but I want to raise this observation with you.

You spend years building a profile in a specific area, reinvesting your profits in marketing to lift your personal profile on bus stop billboards, mailbox drops, social media…  Also working tirelessly for your customer base, putting in unsocial and long hours.  You give away your weekends as a matter of course, time that a “nine-to-fiver” takes as sacrosanct.

Are you tired of doing the hard yards and building a valuable small business in your farming area your principal?  Then what do you do with it?  In most cases you walk away!  As a salesperson this has been your only option until now.

I completely understand and respect that some sales people are happy to be employed by a principal. Consequently, you don’t have the risks of being your own boss running a full office.  We know this has challenges.  So we offer a much easier alternative.  Do want to get a lot more for your efforts from building up a farming area while controlling 100% of your sales fees?  Then become your own boss with either a home-based mobile workspace or an office format.  It’s your choice.  You have the ongoing support as well as the benefits of being part of the established and experienced community of the RealWay team.  You are your own boss but you are not on your own.

REGAL by RealWay

Our RealWay Exclusive Geographical Area Licence is an innovative and new flexible business model.  REGAL is built for the future of property sales and designed to assist you to personally succeed and earn more of every sales dollar.

You have full control when you are farming your exclusive area.  Not only this but when the time comes to move on, for whatever reason, you have a valuable and sell-able exclusive sales area.

At RealWay we have a well established brand with a fair and fixed fee monthly licence model.

Your Way

The unique RealWay Licence model provides sales people with the opportunity to own and grow the value of their farming area for their own benefit.  Without all the stress of setting up a full office.  Operate at a size and format that suits your needs and desires.  Either as a stand-alone operation or in conjunction with an established RealWay office.  Ultimately, you are still your own boss and in full control.  However, this comes with all the benefits of an experienced team and an established brand.  Want to know more?

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REGAL by RealWay
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Farming Areas - Working as an Employee vs Owning with REGAL