Launches Ratings & Reviews

Over the past few years a few websites have launched which offer consumers real estate agent ratings and reviews. Examples of these are and .

They offer potential sellers a chance to review the success (or otherwise) of an agent before engaging them. Likewise, after the sale sellers and buyers can rate the agent’s performance.

The rating sites perform a role for consumers when they don’t have an agent they already “Know – Like – Trust”. Their major message is that it will assist you to find the highest rated and successful agent in your area. What consumers often don’t know is these sites do not have every agent in the country. This is because many agents object to paying the sites a monthly fee or for referrals that the sites generate. Therefore, the consumer isn’t getting completely unbiased ratings and reviews on every agent in their area.

This week, the biggest property portal in Australia that by default has virtually every agent listed on their platform has launched a rating and review annexure to assist potential sellers.

So, when thinking about selling this will provide you with the clearest picture yet.

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